Escape to Sunset Hill painting by MIKOS at MIKOSarts

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Life is about weighing the risks. Making a run for it, in hopes for salvation. Something better than what you’ve been placed in. Punching out of an existence you don’t want to exist in. The desire for something better makes us run for the hill, no matter what the outcome could be.

I believe most have a Sunset Hill in some form in their lives. It could be a lover to which you want to escape with to a better place or a window in which to go through to another life that would be a dream compared to the one that your trying to escape from. The metaphorical for Sunset Hill is hope. That chance to live a dream that one desires, no mater what that is.

Artwork Title: Escape to Sunset Hill by MIKOS • MLPappas


This is the second painting that is from the Sunset Hill series titled Sunset Hill.


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