The CLOUD MAKER painting by MIKOS at MIKOSarts

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As far back as I can remember I was always intrigued by clouds. On a family vacation to Mount Shasta when I was around 6 years old I remember I was laying on my back at the base of this enormous mountain staring into the sky. I was watching these clouds skate around the mountain, massive and mysterious in nature, changing shape from second to second. It was like they were alive, morphing from one creature to another; it was nature’s ballet. This visceral experience has stayed with me ever since.  I’m still intrigued by watching these voluminous cloud creatures that dance through our skies daily. That’s where the Cloud Maker painting comes from. My childhood memories of these beautifully alluring creations, and imagining if there was someone that made them just out of view. An artist who instead of sculpting stone masterpieces, this mysterious individual created their work of art in the skies above with clouds.

Artwork Title: The Cloud Maker by MIKOS • MLPappas



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